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Product name: Flexivite HA by Equine Products UK Ltd

Description: Combining the very best ‘tried and tested’ ingredients with new chemistry advances, FlexiVite HA offers the very latest innovation in joint care. Maintaining supple joints in horses is essential year-round, but with less movement throughout winter due to restricted turnout, bad weather and short daylight hours a joint supplement which enhances joint lubrication is an essential to any feed routine. FlexiVite HA is an oral feed supplement which provides a unique combination of biologically active substances known to maintain joint suppleness. FlexiVite HA enhances lubrication, shock absorption and elasticity.

FlexiVite HA is available in 1ltr, 2.5 ltrs and 5ltrs

RRP: £55.72 for the 1 ltr / £132.07 for the 2.5 ltrs / £188.06 for the 5 ltrs

Website: www.equineproducts-ukltd.com,

Tel: 0191 264 5536

A little bit about Equine Products…

Established in 1981, Equine Products UK Ltd manufactures and sells equine supplements and tonics worldwide with renowned products such as Selenavite E, Cool It and Restore-Lyte. Equine Products UK Ltd sponsor a number of leading riders including Holly Smith and Harriet Nuttall (showjumpers); and Ben Hobday and Caroline Powell (eventers).

Facebook: @EquineProductsUk

Twitter: @equineprodsuk

Instagram: @equineproductsukltd

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