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Leading supplement manufacturer Equine Products UK Ltd is raising the bar in equine gut nutrition with the launch of TransVite Excel. The high-grade probiotic and prebiotic contains high levels of Saccaromyces Cerevisiae making it one of the strongest equine probiotic currently available on the market.

Supplying a healthy balance of micro-organisms in the gut during periods of stress, Transvite Excel also contains the prebiotic Fructo Oligosaccharide which is a food substrate for beneficial bacteria found in the hind gut. Designed with the performance horse in mind, TransVite Excel is quick acting with benefits including: increased appetite and condition; improved fibre digestion; maintenance of a healthy digestive system; and it may also increase immunity, energy levels, recovery and performance.

Available in 1.5kg (60 doses) and 9kg (360 doses) tubs, TransVite Excel is available to be ordered online from www.equineproducts-ukltd.com, via the ordering telephone line 0191 264 5536 or through your local Equine Products Account Manager.

A little bit about Equine Products…

Established in 1981, Equine Products UK Ltd manufactures and sells equine supplements and tonics worldwide with renowned products such as Selenavite E, Cool It and Restore-Lyte. Equine Products UK Ltd sponsor a number of leading riders including Holly Smith and Harriet Nuttall (showjumpers); and Ben Hobday and Caroline Powell (eventers).

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