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Three weeks ago, I committed to a business coaching course entitled Superstar Success with the fabulous Tara Punter. It took quite a lot for me to commit to the course as financially it was a stretch and I wasn’t sure I was confident enough to engage with a business coach. I mean it is just little me, right?

I am sure we can all relate to how our confidence levels peak and flow over time – as I have got older my confidence levels have dropped and I lack belief in myself both in terms of my business and riding. My business is going really well and I am doing a great job for my clients but having the belief in myself to show up every day and put myself ‘out there’ is tough. Tara has been flipping brilliant – and I am only on week three. We have focused a lot on mindset which has been a real eye opener. I am trying to integrate a morning ritual, which I am finding pretty tough when I need to be up and out early to do the horses and dogs so I can get back to my desk ready for the day ahead. The thinking behind the morning ritual is that you set yourself up for a positive and productive day. No checking of your emails, social media or the ever expanding to-do list until you have completed your morning ritual. I will let you know how I get on.

So, one of Tara’s tasks she has set me is to let you know a little bit more about myself so I thought I would start with the business name. When I studied marketing, and as I have expanded my knowledge over the years, your business name is supposed to reflect and tell the world what your business is about. I obviously didn’t have the confidence in myself to be Faye Archer PR / Marketing so I set about thinking what was important to me – places, people, things.

From being a very small child we visited the West Coast of Scotland and I have some of my fondest memories there. My grandfather was stationed in Inverary during the war and had visited the area since – with my grandmother and then with their children (my mother) and then with me. My grandad’s ashes are scattered in Loch Fyne. One of my favourite places to visit around that area is Kilchurn Castle. A mystical and magic place where the castle lies in ruins overlooking Loch Awe. It is my place. My place for enjoyment, reflection and the fondest of memories as it was also where my husband Steve proposed to me. When I was thinking of the name Kilchurn just felt right. I didn’t seek anyone’s opinion (which is unlike me) and believed in the name. I love explaining to people what it means and my logo is that of the outline of Kilchurn Castle (cleverly pulled together by my friend Janine Kell).

I would love to hear about what is behind your business name and what it means to you. Let’s try and find out a little bit more about each other.