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I always like September. As I have never really liked New Year, September has always been my own new beginning. I don’t know whether it is that back to school feeling, the excitement of Autumn and Christmas arriving, or laterally some of my favourite events taking place – Burghley and Allerton Horse Trials; the start of the shooting season; and a time to dust off the winter clothes and boots (Frimble of Bedale and Fairfax & Favour being faves!)

Summer has seemed super hectic business wise with me attending events the length and breadth of the country. Badminton Horse Trials, Royal Windsor Horse Show and The Game Fair were all very busy with the very extremes of weather making working even harder! It has been really interesting seeing and hearing about the trials and tribulations many of the businesses are having. With so many relying on sales at the many country fairs and events around the country it is fascinating to see which companies and brands are thriving and which are finding these times difficult.

With work being so busy there has been a bit of a gaping hole in my life with me not getting out eventing as I have done in previous years. With my work meaning that I have lacked consistency in the saddle, I felt it was only fair that the horses weren’t pressed into competing. I had a tough eventing season last year so this one has definitely been a time of reflection and consolidation. I guess the main thing is that I have really missed competing which is positive sign for 2020 (although less so for the bank account!).

With the pheasants and partridge all well and up and running around and harvest now finished for the year, I can head off to Burghley knowing that leaving Steve with the dogs and horses isn’t going to create too much of a headache for him! Burghley Horse Trials is one of my favourite events and I am lucky enough to be attending for the full four days. Clients Woodland Shavings and Equine Products are both at the event with tradestands and are both in World of the Horse. With friends also competing in both the young horse classes and the main event it should be an exciting few days.